Schedule Tool 3.0

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This tool will take all your tasks for a course and create a schedule in a spreadsheet.

Click on "Example" to see a populated example. You can also click on "Build XML" to see what the spreadsheet looks like. After the build, a download link will be available.

A spreadsheet will not be created unless you enter a class name. Start date should be self-explanatory. Day increment is set to 1 for a daily (semester) class and is set to 2 for a every other day (linear) class. Please note that if other teachers use the same name, it may conflict with your work, so add your name to make it unique.

Your tasks must be in chronological order. List as many as you like. Add ",1" at the end of a task if it is a test - they are automatically highlighted in bold on the spreadsheet.

As per the example, you can see that non-instructional days can be added and your schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Enter the description and a comma then enter date as YYYYMMDD format. If there are continuous non-instructional days, enter another comma and tha end date. These need to be entered in chronological order as well.

Lastly, you can enter non-test days in chronological order; these are still instructional days. For example, I enter days where there aren't 80 minute blocks, so that I don't have to create shorter tests. If a test falls on this day, it automatically schedules the day as an "Extra Study Block" and the test is pushed to the next instructional day.

It's a good idea to create text files for tasks, exclude dates, and non test days in case you need to modify them later. Then cut and paste them into this webpage.

That's it! It's meant to be relatively easy to use.